About Us

Respond. Recover. Rebuild

ERCM Consultancy provides an integrated solution for crisis and emergency management internationally. Protecting your staff and facilities begins long before disaster strikes as we work to improve both management and technical elements that contribute to the deterrence of threats and the mitigation of consequences.

With dedicated experts on our team, we want to empower every organisation with the knowledge and tools to face any crisis or emergency. The training and exercises that we conduct help to mobilise people with the confidence to respond in the face of disaster, without being paralysed by fear.

We believe that resilience preparedness involves all stakeholders hence we are committed to working with people from all levels to address the management style, safety culture and practical tips for a safer community.



To be an international service provider in emergency response and crisis management

To provide quality training that will benefit all stakeholders



  • Responsive to your Needs

  • Operate Safely

  • Excellence in Delivery

  • Long-Term Relationships

  • Genuine Knowledge Transfer

Who We Are

Our Management Competencies

  • Crisis Management

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Pre-Incident Planning

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Evacuation Planning

  • Disaster Recovery

Who We Are

Our Technical

  • Fire Safety

  • Fire Investigation

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • HazMat Response

  • Fire Fighting

  • Technical Rescue

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